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Joom!Fish 2.1.x had been released to Joom!Fish Club members for some time. At last now the public release is here. On Nov. 24, 2010, Joom!Fish 2.1.5 was announced on the official Web site.

This version contains fixes for various issues, and provides better compatibility with PHP 5.3 and current release of Joomla! 1.5.x. The released file can be found at the new download page. If you encounter any problems with this release or just want to give feedback, you may post a message at its dedicated forum.

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Today (10/27) Joom!Fish release version 2.0.4. This release contains several minor bug fixes and one security fix. This security fix is related to an XSS vulnerability found in the language switching module. If you are using an previous version of Joom!Fish, please update at your earliest convenience.

For Traditional Chinese users you may be glad to see that Taiwan's flag is now included in the official Joom!Fish release. You can use the flag with tw as the short code when you configure languages in your Joom!Fish installation.

With this Joom!Fish 2.0.4 release, the support for PHP 4.x is now officially deprecated. Starting next version, Joom!Fish 2.1, only PHP 5.0 and above will be supported with some PHP 5.3 capabilities added. If you are still using PHP 4.x, please seriously consider a upgrade.

Joom!Fish Team provided one full package and 3 upgrade patches. To start a new installation, of course, you have to use the full package. But, for upgrade from previous version, you can choose to uninstall the old version and reinstall with the full package of the new version, or simply uncompress the correct update patch directly into your Joomla! installation.

All the packages can be found at Joom!Fish's download page.

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Joom!Fish Team has been running a demo site showing off a default Joomla! installation with various languages available. When it was first brought online, it included only three languages. Later the number of languages increased to five. All of them were western languages.

In an effort to increase the visibility of ultilizing Joom!Fish as the multilingual solution including Traditional Chinese, we decided to translate the sample_data.sql into Traditional Chinese for the demo site. After a few days of translation work, we were glad to submit the full translation of the sample_data.sql to Joom!Fish Team.

On July 31th, Joom!Fish Team added Traditional Chinese translations into their demo site. Now you can visit to see a multilingual site with 7 different languages.

Please be noted that currently the demo site uses China's flag for Traditional Chinese. We are discussing this with Joom!Fish Team to get it changed to Taiwan's flag. We encourage Joomla! users in China to submit Simplified Chinese sample_data.sql so that we can have both on the demo site.


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Joom!Fish development team notified its club members over the weekend (6/22) the availability of the first pre-release of Joom!Fish 2.1. This version contains several bug fixes as well as additional features that make all the extra extensions more efficient.

There is expected to be one more pre-release before the final versoin. The final release of Joom!Fish 2.1 will also incorporate features requested through the feedback system and major clean-up of the language files.

If you are a member of Joom!Fish club, you are welcome to download this pre-release from the club download page. This version is considered by Joom!Fish developers as stable. However, please perform a backup before upgrading.

Please report any bugs and issues regarding this pre-release in Joom!Fish support forum.


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On the heels of the release of Joomla! 1.5.10, Joom!Fish Project announced Joom!Fish 2.0.3. This version includes bug fixes and feature improvements. It also implmented a workaround to an installer bug in Joomla! 1.5.10.

Here is a summaried changes in Joom!Fish 2.0.3 directly from the official announcement:

  • Workaround for installer bug in Joomla 1.5.10
  • Enable translation of menu aliases
  • Option to hide default language in drop down when translating
  • Checks on database collation capability before creating tables
  • Fixed problems when deleting orphan translations and deleting languages
  • New Georgian flag

This new version can be downloaded from Joom!Fish Project's download page. The archived installer file can be used for both new installation and upgrade. They also plan to release patch files for upgrade through direct replacement on the server.

Once again Joom!Fish Project reminds everyone that Joom!Fish 2.0.3 requires PHP 5. No test has been performed with PHP 4.

FaLang translation system by Faboba