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Joom!Fish Team has been running a demo site showing off a default Joomla! installation with various languages available. When it was first brought online, it included only three languages. Later the number of languages increased to five. All of them were western languages.

In an effort to increase the visibility of ultilizing Joom!Fish as the multilingual solution including Traditional Chinese, we decided to translate the sample_data.sql into Traditional Chinese for the demo site. After a few days of translation work, we were glad to submit the full translation of the sample_data.sql to Joom!Fish Team.

On July 31th, Joom!Fish Team added Traditional Chinese translations into their demo site. Now you can visit to see a multilingual site with 7 different languages.

Please be noted that currently the demo site uses China's flag for Traditional Chinese. We are discussing this with Joom!Fish Team to get it changed to Taiwan's flag. We encourage Joomla! users in China to submit Simplified Chinese sample_data.sql so that we can have both on the demo site.


FaLang translation system by Faboba