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As promised, Joomla! Development Team released Joomla! 1.5.17 today (April 27, 2010). The primary purpose is, of course, to fix the two major bugs introduced in version 1.5.16, but it also includes 2 new languages for installation, updates help sites list and patches an additional bug.

The full detail about this release can be found at its official announcement page. You can also see two download packages of Joomla! 1.5.17 there. One is for full installation, and the other for upgrade.


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On April 23, 2010, Joomla! 1.5.16 was released on the official site for download. However, two days later, a note was posted on the 1.5.16 official announcement to warn users about 2 serious bugs discovered in this latest release. An update is scheduled to be released on April 27 as Joomla! 1.5.17, which will patch up those 2 bugs.

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All votes were counted and the envelopes had been opened. All the results of 2009 Open Source CMS Award sponsored by Packt Publishing are out.

While Joomla! is still quite popular among site developer, this year's award results show Drupal has rooted deeper as the top player of open source CMS and WordPress has gained large followers as a CMS solution. Other open source CMS projects also mature rapidly and is aiming to catch up with the top ranked players.

Joomla! this year entered two award competitions, one is the Hall of Fame Award and the other is the Best Open Source PHP CMS. The Hall of Fame Award at the end went to Drupal. For the Best Open Source PHP CMS, Joomla! claimed the 2nd runner up losing to Drupal and WordPress.

With Joomla! 1.6 is on the horizon, let's hope Joomla! will not only keep the competitors at bay, but also once again win the top award.

The complete results of 2009 Open Source CMS Award can be viewed at Packt's Open Source CMS Award page.


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After weeks of testing, Joomla! Team yesterday announced the release of Joomla! 1.5.15. This version has taken 3 months to mature and finalize since Joomla! 1.5.14. It contains one moderate and one low priority security fixes as well as numerous bug and features patches.

Those two security issues are:

  • Moderate Priority - Core - Front-End Editing: When logged into the front end with Author access, it was possible to replace an article written by another user.
  • Low Priority - Core - XML File View: It is possible to read the contents of an extension's XML file and find the version number of the installed extension. This could allow people to exploit a known security flaws for a specific version of an extension.

For the full list of other patches please see Joomla! 1.5.15 announcement. You can find download links there. If any issues come up after its release, you will be able to read about them at Joomla 1.5.15 Post-Release FAQs.


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Today (10/27) Joom!Fish release version 2.0.4. This release contains several minor bug fixes and one security fix. This security fix is related to an XSS vulnerability found in the language switching module. If you are using an previous version of Joom!Fish, please update at your earliest convenience.

For Traditional Chinese users you may be glad to see that Taiwan's flag is now included in the official Joom!Fish release. You can use the flag with tw as the short code when you configure languages in your Joom!Fish installation.

With this Joom!Fish 2.0.4 release, the support for PHP 4.x is now officially deprecated. Starting next version, Joom!Fish 2.1, only PHP 5.0 and above will be supported with some PHP 5.3 capabilities added. If you are still using PHP 4.x, please seriously consider a upgrade.

Joom!Fish Team provided one full package and 3 upgrade patches. To start a new installation, of course, you have to use the full package. But, for upgrade from previous version, you can choose to uninstall the old version and reinstall with the full package of the new version, or simply uncompress the correct update patch directly into your Joomla! installation.

All the packages can be found at Joom!Fish's download page.

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