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The 2009 Open Source CMS Award has begun. Joomla! is eligible for the Best PHP Open Source CMS Award, but needs users to submit nominations to enter the contest. The five CMS projects receive most nominations will advance to the voting stage. It is important for you to nominate your favorite CMS project.

To recognize hard-working people behind those great open source projects, you can nominate individuals for Open Source MVP Award. Please submit the name of the individual you think whose enthusiasm and effort have been the driving force for your open source CMS to develop and grow.

Being a previous winner of the Best Overall Open Source CMS Award, Joomla! will automatically participate in the new Hall of Fame Award with Drupal. There are also sub-category awards for its best extension and theme.

Here is the timeline for this year's nomination and voting:

  • August 3: Nominations Open
  • September 11: Nominations Close
  • September 21: Voting Begins
  • October 30: Voting Ends
  • November 9: Winners Announced

So don't hestitate to nominate your favorite project and people, and don't forget to vote when the voting begins.


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Joom!Fish Team has been running a demo site showing off a default Joomla! installation with various languages available. When it was first brought online, it included only three languages. Later the number of languages increased to five. All of them were western languages.

In an effort to increase the visibility of ultilizing Joom!Fish as the multilingual solution including Traditional Chinese, we decided to translate the sample_data.sql into Traditional Chinese for the demo site. After a few days of translation work, we were glad to submit the full translation of the sample_data.sql to Joom!Fish Team.

On July 31th, Joom!Fish Team added Traditional Chinese translations into their demo site. Now you can visit to see a multilingual site with 7 different languages.

Please be noted that currently the demo site uses China's flag for Traditional Chinese. We are discussing this with Joom!Fish Team to get it changed to Taiwan's flag. We encourage Joomla! users in China to submit Simplified Chinese sample_data.sql so that we can have both on the demo site.


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It seems that Joomla! development team realized how disrruptive those two bugs discovered in Joomla! 1.5.13 are. Yesterday they released Joomla! 1.5.14 after just 8 days since last release. The main purpose, of course, is to patch up the TinyMCE and Media Manager bugs described in a previous news report. They also threw in a low-level security fix:

  • Low Priority - Core - com_mailto Timeout. In com_mailto, it was possible to bypass timeout protection against sending automated emails.

Please see the official announcement for details and downloads.


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Two rather noticeable bugs were discovered quickly after Joomla! 1.5.13 were released. Because they will disrupt basic operations of a Joomla! site, it is incredible that those bugs could slip past the development team and were introduced to the latest version.

The first one is the mess-up view of the Media Manager at the adminitrator back end. On a site freshly upgraded to or installed with Joomla! 1.5.13, the Media Manager simply won't show up correctly. The problem is caused by a bug in the PHP program handling its view. To fix this problem, you need to download this file, then uncompress it and substitute the file view.html.php for administrator/components/com_media/views/media/view.html.php on your server.

The other isssue is related to a bug introduced into TinyMCE when removing the TinyBrowser feature. It causes the Save or Cancel button ineffective when editing in the front end. You can download and uncompresss this file, then substitute the tinymce.php for plugins/editors/tinymce.php.

Login is required for downloading those files.


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Security release Joomla! 1.5.13 [Wojmamni ama baji] has been released. All previous versions of Joomla! 1.5.x should be upgraded immediately. If you have modified core template overrides, please be sure to back them up before upgrading.

This release contains 26 bug fixes, two moderate-level security fixes and one high-level security fix. The security issues fixed in this release are:

  • High Priority: Core - File upload: Tiny browser included with TinyMCE 3.0 editor allowed files to be uploaded and removed without logging in.
  • Moderate Priority: Core -XSS: Some files were missing the check for JEXEC. These scripts will then expose internal path information of the host.
Other bug fixes spread among components, plugins and language. Please see the official announcement for details and downloads.

FaLang translation system by Faboba