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Joomla! Project has released Joomla 1.5.9 [Vatani]. This is a security release, and users of earlier versions are encouraged to upgrade to this version at once.

One low-level and one high-level security issue were fixed in this release:

  • High Priority: Directory Traversal. A crafted request can allow an attacker to view directory trees on the server. Note: contents of files cannot be edited or deleted, just viewed.
  • Low Priority: SSL Session Token Disclosure. When running a site as SSL ONLY, if a non-SSL request is made, an attacker can obtain the session token. There is NO risk for Web sites that use both HTTP and HTTPS.

Other non-security related bugs found in various parts of the system are also fixed in this release. You can read its detail information and access the download at the official announcement page.

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We have updated the Traditional Chinese language pack for Joom!Fish 2.0.1. This pack has not been put on Joom!Fish official download page, but you can retrieve it from the language file thread at official forum.

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Joom!Fish Development Team quickly released a patch to fix the language selection bug we mentioned earlier. The bug fix contains a single file to replace the helper.php program file in the mod_jflanguageselection module. If you are using Joom!Fish 2.0.1, please download and apply this bug fix so that your multilingual site can function normally.

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Just one week ago Joom!Fish Team gave the general public Joom!Fish 2.0 Stable. Today they quickly released Joom!Fish 2.0.1. This release includes following fixes.

  • Fix of a hardcoded jos_ string that had impact on the upgrade routine;
  • Fix in the SEF routing that generated incorrect links in the language selection module;
  • Minor addition in the banners content element file;
  • Improvements in the English language files.

This new version can be downloaded from the regular download page.

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Right after Joom!Fish 2.0 Stable became available to the general public, we uploaded the updated Traditional Chinese language pack for this latest version. If you are interested in using Joom!Fish 2.0 Stable in Traditional Chinese, you may download it at the official download page for Joom!Fish Translations.
FaLang translation system by Faboba