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  1. Kuma is an open source monitoring tool like “Uptime Robot” written in Node.js. Learn how to install Kuma on Ubuntu 20.04 here.

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  2. This article explains how to get Guake drop-down terminal to work properly under Wayland (GNOME). Guake is a Python-based drop-down terminal for the GNOME desktop that includes split terminal functionality, session save/restore, support for transparency, and many other features. Learn more here.

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  3. The third beta of Krita 5.0 is here with lots of improvements and bug fixes to make the final release more stable and reliable. For example, it improves the alpha-mask PNG brush tips, adds support for loading the thumbnails for MYB mypaint brushes in a bundle, and fixes performance issues in the Magnetic Selection tool […]

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  4. Arch Linux 2021.12.01 is now available for download and it comes with Linux kernel 5.15 LTS by default. The ISO image includes Linux kernel 5.15.5, but it looks like Linux kernel 5.15.6 was also released today, so expect it to join the stable archives by the end of the week. Apart from being an LTS […]

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  5. This tutorial explains BorgBackup and how to backup and restore files using Borg in Linux and Unix-like systems.

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